Meet our Young Ecopreneurs


Hem Sodane


Inspired by the documentary film “Before the flood” with Leonardo Dicaprio starring, Dane is joining EcoLife Cambodia from AUPP as Business Administration student. She believes that , “Even though I don’t have the power to completely to change this big world, I hope to do as much as I can with EcoLife”.



Reim Sokchamreoun



Chamreoun currently is a student of Information Technology Management and Computer Science. It seems disconnected with environment, but she always dreams to live in a place where there is only her and nature. Seeing the negative impacts on the environment, Chamreoun decided to join EcoLife hoping to use her technology knowledge to make changes.



Thai Vuthea


Being a part of Student Youth Council at his high school, Vuthea learns a lot about environment. Working with people and meeting friends who are passionate in environment, Vuthea decided to join EcoLife Cambodia to understand more about what he can do for the environment.




Oum Samnang


Samnang is looking forward to seeing his dream come true- reducing trash and improving people’s health. By joining Ecolife, he hopes to find a solution to achieve his dream.








Chhun Lida



The love for environment started when Lida went on a trip with her family. She was so frustrated to see the pile of garbage under the trees she was about to sit under enjoying her meal. That day she was so keen on doing something to make an environmental impact. There she is now our Young Ecopreneur.





Kuch Darika



Being influenced by the project “10 Days Mission” she had joined, Darika does not stop herself from getting involved with the environmental projects. Hence, she joined EcoLife to keep motivating people that environment is very important and green lifestyle should be adopted.





Seang Chhayly



Having a passionate sister working on environment, Chhaly is inspired by her telling stories about the environmental problems people are facing. That is why he continues joining EcoLife after knowing about Young Eco Ambassadors.





Sam Chandara



Dara finds out that usually whenever he has stress fresh air is what makes him feel better. He realizes that pollution is the enemy of environment; therefore, he is super excited to join Ecolife team to fight the enemy.





Run Hengborey



Considering himself as an environmentalist, Borey never regrets when he first applied to be our Young Ecopreneur. He believes that no matter how little he can do for the environment at least he can keep his environmental spirit inside him and keep doing more.





Seng Chenkhim



As a student of Royal University of Agriculture, Chenkhi got his first inspiration from his brother who loves environment. Not different from the others, he wants to go against what destroys the environment.





Kong Sereymongkol


Besides being a student of Phnom Penh International Institute of Arts, Monykol also has another passion. He expects himself to be a part of something great to help improving environment in Cambodia especially protecting the natural resources.





Vet Seanghai


The curiosity of understand about the environment is what brings Seanghai in joining EcoLife Cambodia. When he knows promoting Eco-products is another solution to help the environment, Seanghai cannot wait to outgrow himself from learning so.




Bun Saosopheakneath


Neath is a media and communication student who never fails to extend her capability in learning about different issues. Environmental problems are the factor she desire to spread to the public by applying her skill as a future journalist.





Heang Vannary



Vannary believes joining a strong team with the same passion is important. She feels so sad knowing that the environment has been polluted badly by humans when she joined different school activities. That pushes her to join EcoLife Cambodia and hope to work well with the team to ensure the future of the environment.




Keo Srey Mey Mey



Mey Mey is a student of Tourism Management of Rupp. As she loves travelling, she hopes to become an Eco-tourist spreading environmental awareness and the love of nature. She believes that “Once you understand about the nature, you will have a willingness to protect what you love”.