Meet Our Team

Project Leader: KRECH SREY NEANG

Creativity and innovation is a key to open the gate of green business. Srey Neang is a person who values and loves creativity. After her camping trip from Prey Lang, she fell in love with the nature and she believes that we can bring consciousness of consuming back to life by promoting sustainable lifestyle through eco-products and establishing more eco-businesses in Phnom Penh. Srey Neang  is currently pursuing Bachelor of Art majoring in Professional Communication at Institute of Foreign Languages.


Project Secretary: CHIVORN SOKH

Chivorn is a sophomore at Phnom Penh International Institute of the Arts majoring in interior design, a member of Young Eco Ambassador and freelance digital designer  . He is a quite person, but he has a strong love for nature and animals. He believes that one day, every business in Cambodia will run with love and care toward the Mother Earth.




Project Treasurer: SAM LEAKNA

Leakna is a girl who loves working and engaing in social activites ,meeting new people to connect the world, and participating in environmental issues. Her hubby is traveling to explore. She is here with Eco Life Cambodia to empower and inspire Cambodian next generation. “Without passion and commitment, the change is impossible.”

Project Manager: SITH SEREYPANHA

Panha is a person who would prefer a quite place with a book and a cup of coffee for relaxation; a person who would pick mountains and seas for holiday destinations, and who would love to be involved in friendly talks about random things regarding environment, study, linguistics, technical things and the society . With this unique personality, he is ready to do his best with Eco Life Cambodia.

Project Advisor: JENNIFER KA



Jennifer is an honoree member of the young eco ambassador family after facilitating a meditation at their retreat. She attained her Masters degree in East West Psychology and is currently getting a certificate in Yoga and Alternative Therapy in India. She continually supports the environmental movement in Cambodia and is a consultant for the Eco Life project. Read more about her

Project Assistant: RAKSMEYTHIDA OUM

Thida currently is a student of International Relations and a highly intuitive ambivert. She has a special adore to nature, also a hardcore fan of art due to these interest and desire she pretty much turn into a creative-and-green-minded hunter and she’s looking forward to learn, empower, inspire, to be inspired and work with all like-minded youth to reduce the loss of green color on our Earth.




Media Coordinator: SONEN SOTH

19 year old Sonen Soth joins Eco Life Cambodia from the Department of Media and Communication at the Royal University of Phom Penh. With her environmental activist spirit, she wishes to use her skills as a media student to help promote and connect people to understand about what they can do more for their environment. “Let’s protect our environment by promoting smart and sustainable businesses.”