Floating Boat Gathering

On April, 22, all members and mentors gathered up on a boat at the riverside. That evening we did so many fun activities. Starting from 5 pm, the boat left the deck and everyone was excited. Within 3 hours meeting, there were seven activities in total happened. Do you want to find out what we were doing? Then let’s check them out!

1. Group Introduction
Eco-life Cambodia is fully formed after selecting 28 participants, namely called The Young Ecopreneurs, whom have same interest, loving and caring about environment. Although we have met for the last two times, we could not remember and get to know all members. So this time, we divided into small group of 4 people having same color of face paint together. We would talk to each other about 5 minutes. Then we did it in other way, finding different colors.


Each group is getting to know each other

2. Meditation on the water
As this Saturday was the international mother earth day in 2017, we all practiced an appreciation mediation to thank nature for giving us life which we did not ask for. We have water to drink, vegetables to eat, animals to hunt, these things are provided by the earth. Therefore, everyone sat on the ground second floor of the boat, closed eyes, and practiced breathing by listening to a mediating sound clip. We could let out the stress and strong sign, and start to feel cold breeze from the river, bird chirping and sound of water flowing.


Members are mediating

3. Life Experience sharing session
Immediately after mediating, we kept sitting in circle and paid attention on an amazing girl. She shared what has happened in her life. She compared life as “ranges of mountains”; she said, “Human life will go up and down like you are walking on a mountain, you start from the hill then reach the peak, naturally you will walk down way to the hill and up to the peak again and again.” Her name is Sorn Chantha. She used to travel around the world experiencing luxury life. But now she settles in Phnom Penh building her home near river side. Ms. Chantha lives in green life. She doesn’t use plastic nor chemical products. She tends to produce organic skin products such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste.


Ms. Chantha is sharing her story

4. Stories of all
We all are inspired by Ms. Chantha story. And of course, next was time we, ourselves, shared stories. Each story surely related to environment because we are eco-entrepreneurs. Initiating from name of A, we passed turn from one to one. Our stories had different plots, but there was one thing we had in common, the passion and outcome fruit of our love toward the earth environment. We began to reduce using plastic products when we bought food, drink, clothes, groceries, and more. We couldn’t eliminate 100% of plastic in our daily life; however, at least we did from small amount.


Members are talking about their contributes to environment

5. Green Product selection
There were several green products for daily usage made to save environment.  Those products are eco-coals, tumblers, canvas plastic bags, bamboo straws, disposable plates and boxes. Each member had to choose two favorite products that he/she wished to work on.


Everyone is checking green products

6. Organic experiment

Most of the members stated that the most interesting activity of the day would be “making organic shampoo and toothpaste” process. Simply, we ordered organic products such as coconut oil, natural scent oil, baking soda, and honey from Amazon and super market. Everyone gathered around the table looking at process to make shampoo and toothpaste. We followed recipe in the internet with these ingredients. Finally, one person could get approximately 50 ml of toothpaste and 100 ml of shampoo.

7. Buffet dinner
Last but not least, we would never forget delicious night meal at 8 pm on the boat. We had many food and dessert from Eleven One Kitchen, a green restaurant. We picked up some food dishes on our paper plate and got a cup of cold ginger tea. Eating while talking admirably how delicious the food was, we eventually filled our stomach fully. And we had such a wonderful evening together.

This is our environmental family photo


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