Green Khmer Restaurant-Eleven One Kitchen

Written by:  Young Ecopreneur Bun Saosopheakneath

Eleven One Kitchen is a must-try restaurant when you want “environmental friendly restaurant”. What make this restaurant different from others is organic food with no MSG, and as well as eco-packing. There is an impressive quote of the Elven one kitchen which says, “Eat Healthy, Stay Wealthy, Care for the environment”.

Photo taken: Trip Advisor

This restaurant cares a lot on consumers’ health. When you ask for taking out, your meal will neatly organized in a box. But the box is neither made from plastic or Styrofoam that can pollute our lovely earth. Hence, because of the heart and love for the environment, the restaurant chooses to use biodegradable box which is compostable and non-toxic.

Due to its uniqueness, it gains popularity and now it has 2 branches which located in Toul Tom Pong and Beong Keng Kong 1. Getting into the gate of the place, you will experience fresh and green atmosphere. There are many big and small plant pots used as main decoration. Therefore, you may have delicious meal under the sunlight while absorbing oxygen from the trees.

This spectacular eating place is available for both Khmer food and western food. It serves whatever you want, for instance, fried rice, prohok, pizza, salad, and more. Additionally, after enjoying meal, you also can try supper such as cake, smoothie, etc. At night, cocktails and all alcohol drinks are sold there. And do not be surprised if you cannot find any plastic straws for your drinks because they serve drinks with only bamboo straws.

Photo by: Trip Advisor

Besides initiating a rare environmental business in Cambodia, Eleven One Kitchen also makes a lot of effort to cooperate with environmental groups under the platform of love environment. For example, lately, it has worked with Plastic Free Cambodia  to raise awareness of reducing plastic in Cambodia.

Eleven One Kitchen helps you indirectly to become a part of environment saving action. Even when you eat out, you are a hero because you have more or less contributed to the earth by not using plastic and by supporting such eco-business.

2 thoughts on “Green Khmer Restaurant-Eleven One Kitchen

  1. I’m so impressed that this restaurant care about our earth health,provides a good serve to guests with naturally.i can wait to go to this restaurant.

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