Eco Orientation- First Time We Are Together

Saturday 25, March 2017- The day when our Eco Life Cambodia team gathered up with our 28 young potential participants whom we called “Young Ecopreneurs.”

It was the first time we started to get to know each other and be ready to walk on our journey together till the end of this year.

Before our orientation, all the participants were asked to write their thoughts about Cambodian environment on the stickers and place on the wall since we wanted to know what our future ecopreneurs feel towards their surrounding. Surprisingly, most of their thoughts are positive.

The aim of the orientation is not only a meet and greet between the core team of Eco Life Cambodia and the participants, but also an introduction of the goals, mission, a clear vision of Eco Life Cambodia to the selected young ecopreneurs to know how they are going to play a role in this project.

Our first day went smoothly and fun since we were open to know each other by playing ice-breaking games as well as sharing our environmental knowledge.

Below are some pictures of our activities:

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“At first, I felt little awkward with new people. But after playing some games I got to know new friends. I got to know clear goal of Eco life.And why it is order to protect Mother Nature. We may not be able to clean all environment mess but at least we can stop pollute the earth”-  said one of our Young Ecopreneurs, Bun Sopheakneath.



earth hour.JPG

Besides a half day spent for our orientation, most of us also left together to join the Earth Hour organized by the U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Council. Even though the event ended mercilessly by the heavy rain, at least we could  show our commitment to protect the planet earth by switching off your lights which was supposed to be from 8:30pm – 9:30pm.


One thought on “Eco Orientation- First Time We Are Together

  1. I am very interested in this program that encourage the youths to play their roles in their community. As a Cambodian, i would like to participate also. How could I join this program?


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