How Do We Exist in Cambodia?


It is never easy to come up with an idea of doing something great and want to make it happen. Most people think making a dream come true is so difficult because it requires time and hard commitment. However, when three people have one same dream, there is nothing to lose to try achieving it together.

Here comes a little story how Ecolife Cambodia started.

Three Cambodian young people first met when they joined the Young Eco Ambassadors (YEA), an environmental project aiming to tackle environmental problems in Cambodia. Sreyneang, Chivorn, and Leakena have been actively working for almost two years led by YEA. However, this time with the support of YEA and the fact that they have earned more experience throughout their environmental work, the three decided to follow another dream-which is to lead their own project by applying for a YSEALI SEED FOR FUTURE 2017.

YSEALI SEED FOR FUTURE is a competition for winning financial support to implement best project ideas.

Always keen about social enterprises and environment, these young people came up with the idea of a program setting up for youths to learn about the environment and start doing something to protect it. It is true that environment is being taking granted by many people around the world. And the concept of living green is quite new for  a majority of Cambodians.

There’s so much blood, sweat, and tears to perfectly write a project called Ecolife Cambodia which took Sreyneang and the team months to complete it. It is a miracle that their project won the grant.

So right now, Ecolife Cambodia cannot wait to kick start its program after selecting young participants to join us. READY TO PUSH CAMBODIANS TO BECOME ECOPRENERURS!!!

Eco Life Cambodia FOUNDERS

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